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Thread: old school english sound directory

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    Default old school english sound directory

    this is from an article linked in the coxsone thread , i thought it deserves its own post for the history. i know a small group of these sounds exist today but what of all the history that exists in this page. whoever is knowledgable on the subject let us know about some of these intriguing sounding systems.

    London: North-East
    Fatman Hi-Fi - North London Baddest (Tottenham)
    Sir Does Hi-Fi - Champion of Tottenham
    Sir George Hi-Fi from Tottenham (Cubies resident)
    Seven Seals (Tottenham)
    Nationwide of Tottenham
    Ital Force (Tottenham)
    Tippa Sound (Tottenham)
    The Mighty Youth Of Zion (Bruce Grove)
    Count Shelley - Heavyweight Champion of the North (Tottenham / Stoke Newington)
    Sir KP’s Hi-Fi - Stoke Newington Heavyweight Champion
    Papa Eastman International (Stoke Newington)
    The Mighty Prophets (Stoke Newington)
    Imperial Zion (Stoke Newington)
    Emporer (Stoke Newington)
    Jah Spirit (Stoke Newington)
    Sir Fray Hi-Fi (Dalston)
    Serge Hi-Fi of Dalston (Four Aces / Cubies resident)
    Liberator Esq (Dalston)
    Joshua Hi-Fi - Kingsland Entertainer
    North Star Hi-Fi (Highbury/lslington)
    Kendra the Young Lion (Archway)
    Sir Bigga the President (Papa B) of Hornsey
    Mighty Intrepid Sound of Finsbury Park
    Roots Rocker (Finsbury Park)
    Progressive Sound (Turnpike Lane)
    Saxon (Wood Green)
    Count Marshall from Edmonton
    Count Cozie Cool the Trojan (Hanwell)
    Tokyo the Monarch (Leyton)
    Unitone of Leyton
    Imperial Youth (Leyton)
    Sir Wayne (Leyton)
    Capt’n Ken Big Panasonic Sound - North London No.1 Musical Brain
    His Majesty Jah Whitey - North London Humble Lion
    Jah Tubby from North
    Count Reggie Hi-Fi (North London)

    London: North-West
    Tony the Paddington Terror
    Duke Vin of Ladbroke Grove
    Jah Sufferer of Ladbroke Grove (erstwhile Metro resident)
    Messiah of Ladbroke Grove
    Mighty Warrior of Harrow Road
    Success the Raver from Kilburn
    Java (with Jumbo at the controls) of Kilburn
    Lord Koos of Willesden - the Harlesden Master
    Alpha Int (Harlesden)
    Count Sputnick (Harlesden)
    Sir Jessus - King of the Bush
    King Tropical Sound with the Velvet Touch (Acton)
    Merritone Higher Field Marshall Sound (Greenford)
    Jammini Sound from the North-West


    Creator from Camberwell
    Sanatone Hi-Fi the Cool Charm Rocker (Waterloo)
    Trojan Hi-Fi of Woolwich
    Mighty Observer from West Croydon
    Papa Cass of Croydon
    Youth Steppers (Thornton Heath)
    Mighty Crusader (Downham)
    Neville the Musical Enchanger (South London veteran)
    Sir Royale Quadraphonic - the Sound of the South

    London: East
    Chicken - East London No. 1 Entertainer
    King Original the Crucial Rocker from Stratford (Studio One specialist)
    Sir Riley Hi-Fi of Upton Park
    Chappie Dread International of Corner Shot (Upton Park)
    Sledgehammer of West Ham
    Chanter Sound - East London Rocker (West Ham)
    Jah Vengeance (West Ham)
    Ital Rebel Hi-Fi of Forest Gate
    Jah Youth the Mystical Rocker (Forest Gate)
    Mighty Emporer (Forest Gate)
    Casanova Hi-Fi (Hackney)
    Mighty Intrepid Rebel (Homerton)
    Mafia Dub Presser (Clapton)

    Quaker City the Earthshaker Dub Rocker from Birmingham
    Jungle Man - Birmingham Outernational Warrior Sound
    Mafia-Tone from Birmingham
    Studio City from Birmingham
    Sir Christopher from the Midlands (Birmingham/Wolverhampton)
    V Rocket Sound from Nottingham
    Quantro-Tone - Midlands Roots Rocker of Nottingham
    Falcon Music International - Luton A1
    Ital Earthquake - Luton Rocker
    Poppa’s Hi-Fi of High Wycombe
    Black Terror - Hitchin Rocker
    Sir Newcome from Hitchin
    Crystus - Slough Hardest
    President of Reading - 79 Cup Winner
    King Solomon the National Entertainer from Reading
    Rockers Hi-Fi from Reading
    Jah Tom of Ipswich
    Masai Sound of Oxford
    Jah Love Youth-a-National Oxford’s Dance Corker
    Blazing Fire of Swindon
    Enterprise from Bristol
    Loco of Bristol
    Count Ton Hi-Fi from Hastings
    King Alpha of Coventry
    Wellingborough’s Mr Entertainer: Sir Noel Hi-Fi
    Samaritan Rockers of Gloucester

    London: South-West
    Sir Coxsone Outernational (Battersea)
    The Mighty Moa Anbessa - The People’s Choice (Battersea)
    S’Phese (Battersea)
    Warrior King (Battersea)
    Black Unity (Battersea)
    Young Lion - Brixton Cat (Battersea I Wandsworth)
    Sledgehammer from the Bridge (Wandsworth)
    I Spy the Entertainer (Wandsworth)
    Frontline International (featuring Natty at the control, Chuckle & General Saint at the microphone) from Brixton
    His Lordship Soferno B from Brixton
    D’Nunes the Champ of Brixton -South London No.1 Godfather
    Stereograph of Brixton
    Sir Higgins the Governor (Brixton)
    Small Axe the Dub Technician (Brixton)
    Papa Dynatone International (Clapham Perk)
    Christos Sound of Clapham (boat dance specialists)
    The Right Honourable Sir Lloyd Sound - Mr Lovers Rocker (Balham)
    Lord David Imperial Hi-Fi - SW Rocker

    London: South-East
    Jah Shaka the Spiritual Dub Warrior (Lewisham)
    Tiffany’s Hi-Fi with the Velvet Touch (Lewisham)
    T-W-J (Lewisham)
    Moziah (Lewisham)
    The Mighty Enforcers (Lewisham lovers rock)
    Jah Man (Lewisham / Peckham)
    Admiral Ken of Peckham (Bouncing Bell host)
    Papa Viking Sound (Peckham)
    His Imperial Gorgon Hi-Fi (Peckham)
    The Mighty Sounds of Black Scorpion (Peckham I East Dulwich)
    Jah Revelation the Placid Rocker (Dulwich)
    The Mighty Revolutionaries - South-East A1 Sound (Deptford)
    Jah Ceaser (Deptford)
    Rootsman Hi-Fi (Deptford)

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    lol thats some old shit, a few of those sounds still going strong

    a lot sitting around building dust.

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