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Thread: new quizz for african goddess

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default new quizz for african goddess

    1..what was the first african tribe
    2..what was tarzan real name
    3..how many poison darts needed to put down a lion
    4..when killing a wild boar for dinner where do you start cutting the skin from first
    5..are you still an african cannibal and from what tribe ??
    6..why do you wear those round things around your neck your starting to look like a giraffe

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    terrical Guest


    rhass clart unno betta watch out hear seh she used to wrestle alligators naked back in the mother land and bruk dem neck wid she bare hands

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    ZyE Guest


    shut the fuck up fassy...now yu dissin di whole a we pon di board.
    You sound like Rational

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    xnews Guest



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    African Goddess Guest

    Thumbs down

    Zye...are you defending me? ..whenever someone has beef with AG they always resort back this Africa as a primitive country argument...I am in no way offended!

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    Unregistered Guest


    we dun know your not offended people can see the lion and tiger skin your using as curtains and blinds

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    xnews Guest


    africangoddess aka zumbufoo just answer the quizz

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    ZyE Guest


    Yeah AG, in this case.

    Me know seh a nuh di real Xnews dat

    Me still haffi laugh offa dis though, even if its ignorant:
    "we dun know your not offended people can see the lion and tiger skin your using as curtains and blinds"

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    jahjahpickney Guest

    Default Sum yutes wont distress de system dem live under but de Motherland dem......

    can mek nuff jokes about!!!

    What kinda of logics is dis!

    Dont use Afrika and it's rich Ancient ways to distress it Queens. Ya only meking a fool outta ya self!!!

    GROW UP!

    A.G....JJP never really like sum of ya logics but at least u are defending Afrika in ya own likkle way and sum likkle bwoys watch too much television about Tarzan!

    Dis is ZEE ORiginal JJP and I got ya back Empress!

    Dem hate people until dem start hating on dem owna past! BUt stand strong and firm and mek dem see dat all of Afrika's descendants are alive and well.

    Dem people mek I sick bout dis and dat about Afrika and about RAsta living.

    JJP forever!!!!!!~~~~!!!!

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    hotttgyal Guest


    I agree JJP! It is moronic to diss Africa because you don't like or agree wit a person of African descent. Allyuh sound just like de Neo-nazi's and KKK members. Siting stereotypes and negatively referring to certain African tribal culture? Do you harbor those same feelings about your African ancestors (if you are even Black)? How ignorant....

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    hotttgyal Guest


    oh yes my pussy need a good licking tonite bwoy so call i

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    hottttgyal (stop trying to be me biotch!!!) Guest


    As long as you know dat nuh me, JJP, I don't care what dem say....

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    Unregistered Guest


    me know me see african goddess at the carnival on eastern parkway selling african artifacts and alligator teeth she pull her herself with her own mouth ... stop beg fe suck ag puss african gal only bathe in the swamps wid leeches oh forget it that will only turn you on

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