Does anyone have the clash with Killamanjaro vs Bodyguard vs Pieces in Maypen (1997) ???
I have the clash but the only problem is too much bass and too much noise, that ruined the whole thing.
I wish I could enjoy it because it sounds like one of the best clashes of 97.

Fire Links on Bodyguard playing dubs with Jaro name in it, the new Shabba Ranks dub "bare sound swarm we"

the dub fi dub round where Trooper say "I'm still gonna play sizzla" Links play some sizzla too but then play some other artists.

I'm sure y'all know which clash I'm talking about.

I heard there is no copy with good quality, although I've heard different ones.
One with pieces side and bodyguard side sound alright, not too much bass or noise
Then there was bodyguard side alone I heard on soundcloud and that the most perfect quality
However everytime I hear Jaro side it sounds terrible.
I'm not saying the quality has to be 100% perfect but at least something that doesn't hurt my ears lol

Does anyone have the clash from start to finish with some good quality? I'd really appreciate it