peace undisturbed
you'll feel breeze without that word
while nerves span the wings of a bird
gliding mind over matters,
landing a top fence, without complaint or tire
to let go of this "gliding joy" without effort or
offence or
defence of conviction
on the fence, your sense's innocent without prosecution' n 'protection
this "observing joy" to commence
it doesn't cultivate nor does it make sense,
it's worthless
no value to intelligence,
seeing no reason thinking...

"...why are you smiling? you look stupid,
without purpose unproductive,
you should be concerned, looking to see if the bus or train is coming"

imagine *in the Jamaican cultural use of the word*
though destined to stop at our feet, we think we'll miss it by doing nothing
life is what we make it - is what makes sentse...
she has to be beautiful,
he has to be strong,
the alarm system must be implemented
laws strict, enforced political, diplomatic
money made, spent and in pocket
can everyone afford this
...well I'm too poor to purchase
living as if
life has been stolen -
- free...
and flying away, excuse me:

(@0:07 - i like the way she tilts her head back rocking side to side swirling the mic into her opening line "and I just...")

give thanks fi life <>