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    Cool SOFT

    would have put this on the passa passa side but i wanted a adult response!

    Saw this short film a few days ago and it left me wondering, what would you do??
    Reason why i ask is beacuse think about it.......your a grown ass man and your son has been bullied.
    Now do you beat there ass when they try and step to you?
    try and deal with the situation another way cos you worry about the police, facts are they will arrest you for beating up kids and the kids will proberly press charges (possiblity of loosing your job)
    or help your son beat thier ass.

    these may seem like stupid question but the wife and I had a deep discussion and to do the right thing is kinda difficult at times.

    on a side note personally MI WOULD AH BEAT DEM RASS!!!


    sorry having problem embedding

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    Indecisiveness, fear, 'soft' comes from you having something to loose,
    dealing with someone who has nothing to loose!

    In which, when its apparent that you'll loose either way
    even a coward will come out swinging,
    like the son in the short film.

    There's a flip side to this.
    If its okay to match the aggression as means to resolve,
    it assists the argument that its okay for teenagers to tote a weapon
    be it the aggressor is toting a weapon.

    I think this leads to authorities reluctant to 'empower' 'self' defense (including property)

    Yet again, i think nothing will change
    as long as the aggressor 'smells' that you're affectively 'paralyzed'.

    Brave or not, not everyone is successful fighting back!

    *i don't think you can embed in this forum...genius likkle film still!!*

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    There is a thing such a self-defense, that's if you need a reason to defend yourself in court.

    Once that bwoy touch mi... Him a go down pan the ground. Anyway that's me.

    On a serious note, your son is watching you. What the hell you trying to teach your children? That it's OK to have fear and be soft? That man just proved he can't protect his family and his son knows it. No wonder he dropped the bat on him.

    So even if mi can't beat them rass, mi nah back down or show no fear. The man could push him back each time them lick him and call the cop at the same time. His son would probably have more respect for him, just for that.

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