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Thread: Bass Odyssey vz Black Kat 1993

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    Cool Bass Odyssey vz Black Kat 1993

    Yeah dis iz a clash wey tek place, with Bass Odyssey vz Black Kat. Tru mi a post pon anotha site
    site, mi a fling out a copy fi who neva hear dis yet. Quality wise not top of thee line but it lissenable. A just Bass Odyssey a play and from weh a gwaan look like the dance full of vibez. On side 1 and 2 the first few minz iz not so clean, gradually clearz up. Grab a slice if intrested. Guvna

    Splice up sample of audio :

    Linkz :


    Nuh watch how i trod.....
    Anuh mi a end up inna body bag......

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