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  1. Why Tessanne matters

    We need a breakout Reggae superstar in a bad way. Records sales are down across the board regardless of genre. While Pop, Country, Rock and Hip Hop can sustain the drop in sales Reggae cannot if we wish to remain viable internationally. We have had several artist with potential crossover appeal but none that lasted or was able to build a core fan base. The Marleys remain an international entity but outside of Junior Gong they are more a tale of the good old days rather than blasting new trails and ...

    Updated December 9th, 2013 at 11:51 AM by georgeflash

  2. Dancehall's Arrested Development

    It was the summer of 2011 when the fiery debates reached a crescendo regarding the deleterious impact both locally and internationally the antics of DJ Vybz Kartel on Dancehall music. The ferocious attacks were coming from all fronts and nothing was off limits including his business practices and ventures, personal choices, wardrobe and complexion chemistry, just to name a few. Kartel was labeled a pariah and music purists advocated that his mic be silenced for the greater good of the music and ...
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  3. Congratulations to the People's National Party

    For a stunning and overwhelming victory at the polls last evening. Let us take this opportunity to put Jamaica on a path of prosperity.
    Let's continue to:
    1. Rid ourselves of garrison politics.
    2. Invest heavily in education and job training.
    3. Invest in entrepreneurship. We are forward thinking people.
    4. Bring in the new generation of public servants into the decision making process.
    5. Stem the violence to attract investors.
    6. Make and promote ...
    Just A Thought
  4. Back To Basics Riddim

    Star Kutt Records takes dancehall back to basics (well, if basics was eight years ago) with a riddim called, you’d never guess, Back To Basics. Highly reminescent of Dave Kelly’s Fiesta Riddim which featured Beenie Man hit Dude (appropriately enough, off Beenie Man’s own album titled Back To Basics), the production is solidly satisfying (although if this was 2003, fans of hardcore would probably be rioting down the place bout “it too jiggy”). Of the seven artists on the riddim so ...

    Updated November 4th, 2011 at 11:08 AM by Don Malvo (Rating amended)

  5. Darkness Riddim

    Just in time for Halloween, Claim Records and Gutty Bling released Darkness Riddim over the weekend. The riddim sounds like it was inspired by di Genius in his Dark Trilogy phase and attempts to capture the same ominous feel, but it doesn’t really work. The instrumental mostly consists of cheapy strings and irregular weak percussion, backed by a choir of artificial voices going “wooooooh” and a lacklustre synth instrument which pops up now and then to complain about how shitty the ...

    Updated November 1st, 2011 at 12:48 PM by Don Malvo

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